Who We Are

LightHeart Ministries is a non-profit evangelical ministry focused on sharing the Gospel where God has opened hearts to His message. Most of the work is done in third-world countries in Africa, Asia and South America. In order to effectively share the message of God’s love we partner with other Christian humanitarian organizations, whose focus is on meeting physical needs such as clean water or medical relief, as well as with local churches. This way the Gospel is presented in a context where love is shared and a long-term follow-up is in place through the local church. Typically there are projects every month that are lead by Evangelist Andrew Trawick. These projects last from 1 to 3 weeks.

The presentation of the Gospel typically takes place through Field Evangelism. Field Evangelists are preachers who go to where the people are and present the Gospel there. Venues include live outdoor events that incorporate music, dancing and the presentation of the Jesus film (the oldest and most widely seen story of the life of Jesus Christ that has been translated into hundreds of languages and dialects). Once a crowd has gathered the Gospel is presented. Field Evangelism can also consist of special training events such as in public schools and police academies. Whatever the format, the ultimate purpose is to share the Gospel of Jesus in a clear and concise manner to people whose ears have been opened and hearts have been softened. From these efforts, thousands of people have come to receive Christ as their Savior and now call themselves Christians. Additionally, partner country churches have grown and have been instrumental in guiding new believers in their walk with Christ.

This is all accomplished through individuals who desire to support these efforts through tax deductible financial giving. LightHeart is a federally registered 501(c)(3) and is based in Golden, Colorado.