Cambodian General (name not disclosed)
“This message of Jesus that you bring is the only hope my people have…Will you come back and tell my people about Christ.”
Fernando – Mozambique
“I have been to church but you told us things we have never heard before.  This message is so beautiful.  Tell us where you will be and we will get our friends so they can hear this too.”
Joseph – Mozambique
“For 20 years I would come out of my hut, stare at the stars and think “God is so big how will I ever know Him…This message of Jesus is so wonderful; for the first time now know that I can have a relationship with God.”
Maria Fraganai – Municipal Secretary of Education
“I don’t know what you are doing but my phone has not stopped ringing from teachers telling me you are changing the lives of kids…They are seeing kids that have been hardened and cold openly weeping…I want to make all my schools available to you…will you come and give this message in all my other schools?”
Pagamento – Mozambique
“This is the most beautiful message I have ever heard...because of this I now know God loves me and wants me…please come and tell my friends what you told me.”
Pastor Neto – Brazil
“Because of the LightHeart team we are able to preach the Gospel directly to police officers, many of who gave their life to Christ right in front of their peers...up until now this was unheard of.”
Peter Hiett – Pastor of the Sanctuary in downtown Denver, Colorado
“I love to watch Andrew preach in these situations. God has clearly gifted him to be an Evangelist…it’s who God designed Andrew to be.”
Phanna – Cambodia
“This Gospel message is so clear…no wonder so many of my people have responded to it.”
Rick Sturz – Brazilian Missionary with World Venture
“Andrew’s gifting with the gospel is truly unique. God uses him in mighty ways.”