As a guideline LightHeart Ministries uses a the following strategy when sharing the Gospel:

  1. GO where God is moving
  2. EARN the Right to be heard
  3. PRESENT a clear gospel message.
  4. INTEGRATE new believers into local churches.

1. GO Where God is Moving

The Spirit of Christ is moving throughout the world. In some places people are dull of hearing and even hostile to the Gospel, while in other areas people have "ears that hear". This state of the heart changes over time and the "open window" of opportunity does not last forever. God uses war, poverty, prosperity, famine, personal tragedy, peace, and many other factors, to create hearts that are uniquely open to His message of grace. Because God "gives grace to the humble”, we often see unique openness among the poor and suffering of our planet. In these places we find fertile soil in which to plant rich gospel seeds. By concentrating on the places where people are eager to hear the church can "make the most of the opportunity" and bring in a great harvest of souls to Christ. With this in mind, we seek to go to Christ. With this in mind, we seek to go to areas where the fields are white with souls ready to embrace Christ.

2. EARN the Right to be Heard

Simply going to the "open window" area is not enough. To be most effective, the messenger must earn the right to be heard. "Earning the right" takes on many shapes and colors depending on the location, culture, current events, etc. In some areas, such as those where people have never even seen a Westerner, simply standing up in front of a group is enough. In other areas, more focused efforts are needed. This is why LightHeart Ministries is working closely with humanitarian based ministries. By coordinating with ministries that bring in clean water, medical supplies, electricity, and other physical helps, LightHeart Ministries can reach out to minds, hearts, bodies and souls that have recently been touched by the tangible compassion of other Christians.

3. PRESENT a Clear Gospel Message

Jesus Christ was the greatest preacher. He presented the Father's grace and love in ways that were clearly understood by and intimately compelling to his audiences. Jesus used Parables and living examples of everyday activities and occurrences that were culturally relevant.

As stated in Romans 10:14, presenting a clear gospel message requires that Christ be verbally preached. This message is more than simply expressing the high- points of the gospel:

  1. the sinfulness of Man
  2. the sacrifice of Christ, and
  3. the personal acceptance of grace.

These highpoints are critical and we illustrate and present them with culturally relevant stories, situations, and language that clearly communicate the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. One example of this is using the Clean Heart / Dirty Heart illustration which uses only one work “God” and can be drawn on a piece of paper, chalk board or in the dirt.

4. INTEGRATE New Believers into Local Churches

Instead of employing a "shot gun" approach, whereby one preaches and just moves on, LightHeart Ministries invests time with humanitarian organization, local missionaries and indigenous pastors, in order to effectively integrate those who make decisions for Christ into local churches. If a local church does not exist, we work with the local Christians to begin a new church. The effort of involving the broader body of Christ, and capitalizing on the gifting of the church at large, results in both the nurturing and maturing of new believers, as well as the transformation of other members of the body of Christ.