Lookout Mountain Community Church


Lookout Mountain Community Church is a member of the Evangelical Presbyterian denomination. It is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Golden, CO. The church seeks to be a real church in the unreal world…a community of people who are honest with God and honest with each other. LightHeart Ministries serves as the evangelistic arm of many of Lookout Mountain’s humanitarian partner ministries.

Healing Waters International


Healing Waters is a non-profit organization that builds self-sustaining water purification systems at churches in developing countries, enabling them to serve their communities in love by providing safe drinking water to those who could not otherwise afford it.

Cadence International


Cadence serves the military community through hospitality, Bible studies, and discipleship. It serves U.S. military personnel and those of other countries, their families, and youth. LightHeart ministries partners with missionaries Paul and Sandra Bradley to reach Asian countries.

Circle of Light


Circle of Light and Community Uplift Ministries is a Christian, non-profit entity whose mission is to bring affordable, modern energy to the people living in the rural areas of developing countries. It is a partnership with local Christian churches in each community where a Circle of Light Energy Store is placed.



Promifé is a Portuguese acronym from the phrase Projeto Missionário de rias which translated means Missionary Vacation Project. Promifé is an eight-day, intensive outreach that takes place during winter and summer school vacations in remote towns of Brazil. During this week, teams of high school and college-age students partner with local churches to evangelize and share the love of Jesus Christ.



WorldVenture is a missionary organization who’s vision is to see people of all nations transformed by Jesus Christ. It is a community of more than 500 missionaries working in more than 60 countries around the globe. Headquartered in Colorado the staff works with Church Connections Area Offices across the United States to facilitate the work of missions and to assist churches with their worldwide vision.

LightHeart Ministries partners with missionaries Rick and Mirian Sturz in Brazil, Rodger and Lynne Schmitt in Mozambique and Ken Flurry director of International Ministry Latin Ministries.

Youth for Christ International


LightHeart has enjoyed an ongoing relationship with the YFC Mozambique chapter. YFC Mozambique has provided a key role in "Earning the right to be heard" through drama, live band, dance, and the showing of the Jesus film. YFC has also joined LightHeart in church planting outreaches in Djuba, Xai Xai, and Malhampsene where the YFC teams have helped with translation, house visits, and one-on-one sharing of the gospel.

For more YFC Mozambique information visit: http://www.yfci.org/g21africa/country.php?id=41

For a brief history of how YFC entered Mozambique and to see what they are currently doing visit: http://www.emiusa.org/documents/5335_mozambique_bethel_yfc_report.pdf

(Leadership Development Center)

CDL – Center for Leadership Development, Mozambique


CDL’s vision is to equip men and women for a meaningful relationship with God and to help them develop leadership skills in view to nurture the churches throughout Mozambique and Portuguese speaking countries. This is achived by providing solid Bible-based training programs, both non-formal and formal.

For more information on CDL visit: http://www.cdlmoz.org/