Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Andrew Trawick?
Andrew Trawick is Executive Director and Founder of LightHeart Ministries. He has been evangelizing overseas since 1989 and has visited over 30 countries. Andrew started LightHeart Ministries in 1996 and is the lead Evangelist for the organization.
What countries does LightHeart Ministries work in?
Members of the LightHeart Ministries team have presented the Gospel in the following countries.
  • Brazil

  • Cambodia

  • Dominican Republic

  • Kenya

  • Mozambique

  • Thailand

  • United Kingdom

  • United States

How does LightHeart Ministries share the Gospel?
LightHeart Ministries uses a distinct and successful strategy when sharing the Gospel in the countries we visit. Our Strategy is to:
  1. Go where God is moving
  2. Earn the Right to be heard
  3. Present a clear gospel message
  4. Integrate new believers into local churches

Visit our Strategy section to learn more about each aspect of our approach.

How do new believers grow in Christ after LightHeart Ministries’ teams leave a country?
A unique approach of LightHeart Ministries is to partner with local community churches in the countries we visit and then assist them in integrating the new believers into the local church. The church thereby builds a new congregation of new Christians, and the new believer is supported by church pastors and members in his/her spiritual growth and walk with Christ. Since church partnerships are not limited to any one denomination partnerships have included Assemblies of God, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, and Presbyterian, to name a few.
How can I get involved with LightHeart Ministries?
You can join us at LightHeart Ministries by:

1. Becoming a Financial Partner - Donate

2. Becoming a Prayer Partner - Pray for Us

3. Volunteering

Visit our Support Us section to learn more and sign up to get involved. Thank you in advance!